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You can STOP SEARCHING for your 'spiritual path' because YOU'RE ON IT!

This book DOES NOT contain any Earth-shattering revelations. I do not pretend to have any special knowledge that will forever change your life and make it full of love and bliss and completely free of negativity!

What this book DOES contain are observations and bits of awareness that I have gained from the hundreds of self-help and spiritually-focused guests I have had on my Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show.

Some of the Insights include:
  • The Law of Dis-traction
  • It's All About ME ... and My Choices
  • Well, What Do You Expect?
  • Ungrateful So-and-So
  • Leave Your Judgments at the Door
  • Forget the So-Called 'Experts'
  • It's No Coincidence
  • In Your Dreams
  • Thank God for Unanswered Prayers
Also included are 60+ Actions I (and show guests) have taken to make life better and less stressful, based on those observations. Some may work for you, some may not. But even if there is ONLY ONE action that you take to improve your life experience, then the time you spend reading this book will have been worth while.

Here is what people are saying about It's No Secret.. Spirituality BITEs

Amazon.com 5-Star review: "I highly recommend this book for its inspiring, practical and useful message. The author, Robert Sharpe, draws on the life wisdom he has gleaned from hundreds of guests on his Internet Radio Show. He shares his own thoughts and experiences as well. I especially liked the Insights and Actions Robert provides at the end of each chapter. If a particular topic resonates with you, they offer you a way to apply what you have learned. If you find this book helpful, I highly recommend Robert Sharpe's Internet Radio Show 'Bringing Inspiration to Earth.' He engages a variety of guests in conversations about life and always seeks to empower his listeners and readers." ~ Dr. Mary Beth Ford, Author of Wisdom From the Gardens: Life Lessons

"Robert Sharpe offers a very comprehensive array of insights on how to enjoy the journey of life and the experience of being human. This is a must read for anyone who is looking for tools, wisdom and action steps for moving forward in their life. Robert, thank you for this wonderful book!" ~ Jon Satin & Chris Pattay - The Possibility Coaches

"Wow! "It's No Secret" is a powerful read. If you are seeking tools you can use to enjoy the spiritual path you lead, this book is a must read. The author shares amazing insight and thought-provoking action steps that anyone can use every day to improve their life. I've adopted quite a few of them. I encourage everyone to read this book!" ~ Lyn Ragan, Author, "Wake Me Up! Love and The Afterlife

Amazon.com 5-Star review: "This is one of the best little books filled with revolutionary ideas and ground breaking action steps for you to take to make your life better! I love that you can read one chapter and get a whole lot of information to fill you up. Each chapter has it owns message and action steps you can take, so in a short amount of reading you get so much helpful information to help you move into a better way of thinking and responding! The author has used his experiences with his radio show and many different authors and insights that he shares from this that are so helpful! He is literally Bringing Inspiration To Earth!" ~ Gayle Powell, Intuitive Astrologer & Fine Jewelry Designer