Mystical Cruise 2013
Speaker and Seminar/Workshop

Site:  HolisticBeliefs.com
Email: dave@holisticbeliefs.com
Phone: 303.902.5323

Dave 'The Mystic' Barnett

Radio Host, Engineer and Energy Healer

Dave is an aerospace engineer and an energy healer who explores all forms of energy and psychic healing, clearing of entities, delving into the subconscious, past lives, astral and spiritual planes, soul retrieval and many forms of psychic phenomena. He hosts a web radio show on all matters spiritual including healing! Please join him on Monday nights, 8PM (Mountain)/10pm (Eastern) at Dave The Mystic on BlogTalkRadio

Email: katdarden@comcast.net
Phone: 817.232.8272

Kat Darden - Visionary Consultant
Transforming 2012 Energy into a New Reality  

Site: JanetRussellPresents.com
Email: rosebudsjanet@msn.com
Phone: 631.654.3353

Janet Russell - Psychic, TV Host

My UFO Experience and Psychic Path

Janet is a psychic/medium/ spiritual advisor as well as a TV Host of "Beyond The Unexplained" on both New York cable access and on Paranormal TV. Janet will speak about her UFO experiences and the following 50+ years providing psychic services. You can also find video clips of Janet's TV show on YouTube.

Site: www.CosmicCode.DrTuri.com
Email: teraniapromodir@cox.net

Dr. Louis Turi - Astropsychologist, Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy at Sea

Watch Dr. Turi at YouTube
Dr. Turi - Beyond 2012

Site: TheWalkInCafe.com
Email: starwoman9@comcast.net

Starr Weldon - Radio Host, Clairvoyant

The Walk In Cafe

Starr will talk about her jouney since our last Mystical Cruise which was her first speaker opportunity. Since that time Starr has moved into the limelight even more by hosting her own radio show on BITEradio.me. She joined the Network on Jan 17th, 2011. Be sure to tune in to Starr's show every Thursday 8-9pm EST/7-8pm CST/6-7pm MST/5-6pm PST.

Site: BITEradio.me/Roy
Email: RoyWorley@aol.com
Phone: 843-808-0777

Roy Worley - Intuitive Counselor, Clairvoyant

A Chakra Experience

Clairvoyant and Radio Host Roy Worley will talk about chakra activity then provide a group chakra cleansing experience. Roy has his own show on BITEradio.me and has been in broadcast radio since 1997. This is Roy's 4th Mystical Cruise.

Web Site: BITEradio.me
Email: biteradiome@aol.com
Phone: 843-808-0777
Robert Sharpe - Cruise Coordinator/Founder of BITEradio.me

Robert is the cruise coordinator and is the focal point for questions about the cruise. Robert is Founder of BITEradio.me and hosts the Mystical Cruise Show 3-4 times per week.

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