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Directions: To get a Prophecy 'reading'
  1. Click on a House link below to go to that House - then
  2. To receive your interpretation in that House click on the button that says 'Click here for your 'house' Interpretation'
For the most comprehensive reading visit each House listed below. To avoid receiving a confusing or conflicting message do not click on the same House more than once per day.

House of Focus
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House of Destiny
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House of Surprises
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House of Challenges

House of Business

House of Self

House of Finances

House of Love

House of Life

House of Aries

House of Taurus

House of Gemini

House of Cancer

House of Leo

House of Virgo

House of Libra

House of Scorpio

House of Sagittarius

House of Capricorn

House of Aquarius

House of Pisces

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