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06/01/18  Leading from Within: Social Change & Mindfulness, Gretchen Ki Steidle
06/04/18  Great Decisions, Perfect Timing - Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence, Paul O'Brien
06/06/18  Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living, Dr. Jacob Liberman
06/08/18  That Which Doesn't Kill Us: One Couple Got Stronger, Charlie & Linda Bloom
06/11/18  The Creation Frequency, Mike Murphy
06/13/18  The Ghosts of Gombe, Dale Peterson
06/15/18  Infinite Possibility, Kate Jegede, from U.K.
06/18/18  Learning to Trust: The Star Child Awakening, Book 1, Catherine (Starr) Weldon
06/22/18  Booked: Trip to the Other Side and Back, Nancy A. Waldron
06/25/18  Creating Luminous Spaces, Maureen Calamia
06/27/18  The Medium in Manolos author & Public Speaker, Lauren Robertson, from U.K.
06/29/18  Mindful Dreaming, Clare Johnson, Ph.D. from Germany

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